The fruits is the best choice.

The apple and pear, Italian products of excellence, are our passion and our primary interest.  During almost one hundred years, the Paliani’s family has specialized accumulating a considerable wealth of knowledge on the methods of treatment and conservation of these fruits that over time have changed and evolved.

The Taste is our greatest interest


The operational headquarters is located at the C.A.R. Rome’s Agri-Food Center, the largest Italian complex for wholesale business, which with its 1,405,000 square meters is second only to the Paris market.
The C.A.R deals with fundamental, regulated services, between trade and distribution, and is an important point of reference in our territory, where the goods are distributed and prepared to be shipped throughout Italy. This is our primacy and also our pride. Our activity is carried out in a place that allows us to be operative in the field of distribution, and gives us the possibility to carry out a harmonious, precise and detailed work.
Our spaces are spacious, and the environment is created specifically to leave a truly unforgettable experience, a sort of vademecum of colors, smells and endless beauty, for the quantity of quality products we treat, the choice of fruit and not only, it is very vast and we boast the distribution of products that are difficult to find in our territory, which you can visit in the dedicated sections of the website.

Paliani’s Company is located exactly here, in the second largest market in Europe.

Our Brands

Paliani company recognized as the largest distributor of Italian brands



We are here

Via Tenuta del Cavaliere, 1
00012 Guidonia-Montecelio Roma

Tel +39 06 60501950

Fax +39 06 60501951

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